Liv Mueller is a songstress who has lived in the likes of Nashville, Austin & the fine Midwest.  
Her Vocals are a beautiful combination of sparkle & smoke, taking any listener to another time,
when artists like Peggy Lee & Connie Francis reigned....


IT IS DONE ! :)) 

    Well folks, my new disc is complete...! It's been a long time coming and I am THRILLED to be sharing it with you ...It is titled "Light Of The Valley, Shadow Of The Mountain' and was recorded in the South, the North , and some other magical places that we do not yet speak of. I am doing a relatively humble crowd funding campaign for some artwork & pressing costs that i really hope you choose to be a part of ( see link ) 

THANK YOU sweethearts in advance!

Is it spring yet ? 

Here in Wisconsin again...The smells are sweet with budding trees ,yet the air is 
still cold. Soon enough, summer will be here & I can enjoy the weather that reminds me 
of sweet Texas. How I'm missing Austin right now...All my pals & the lively music scene.
I've had the good fortune ( since I've been back in WI ) to play some great shows.
One w/friend from Austin 'Ian Moore'. What a kind person, his talent is matched by his 
spirit.  GREAT guy & nice to catch up with him here.
Also, I played an amazing show w/ Peter Murphy , which for me , is equal to playing with 
or meeting Bowie. Bauhaus was the first 'avante garde or experimental ' music I had heard as 
a youngster & it blew my mind. Artists like Peter gave me permission to really color outside the 
box . Although i feel like I played a strong set, it was everything I could do to NOT act like 
a bumbling idiot around him :)
More shows posted soon...Thanks for checking XO

Life is good & sweet in the center  

Well , I just finished an 8 month residency @ The Continental Club Gallery,
but will be back there soon, doing a one night stand there FRI Feb.13th.
Working very hard on the new record & new videos/films..The newest 
is called 'VOODOO Love' & you can watch it by just clicking on the 'film' link 
on this site. Being such a super fan of the old horror genre I couldn't resist !
Hoping to get a gig during SXSW so I can play for more folks here soon , and also 
talking to a couple more venues about a residency in the future..Play play
play...that is ALL this gal wants to do ! 

Luck Be a Lady 

Hey folks..gee thanks for checking in on occasion, aren't I a lucky lassie ?
Really looking forward to my residency @ the ol' Continental Club Gallery, and
also happy to say that most weeks I will be bringing other local musicians on stage with 
me to share a tune or two. Austin is bursting with talented folks , and the inspiration is flowing.
Working on my next record, collecting material etc..

Settling In.... 

Howdy, hi & hello one and all…I am very happy to say that I’m settling into Texas very nicely (again) and that my inspiration seems to have found some new life here..
In the mornings, I have been waking up to a roosters enthusiastic yodel, who is sometimes accompanied by a sweet stray cat that is nameless thus far,
yet I have no doubt in time him and I will become sweet friends and I will have given him at least a nick-name. I have learned a bit about some local foliage, a lot about  really good local mexican food , and also some invisible lessons which are brewing beneath the surface..All promising, all hopeful.
SPEAKING of promising & hopeful, we have re-designed my website ( as you can see) and it appears now that I am even more ‘accessible’ than before, virtually anyway.  I look very much forward to booking more live shows, since the one on March 13th @ Maria’s Taco Express was fantastically fun ! ( Did I eat a taco? Why yes, yes I did ) SXSW was a whirlwind of friends, loved ones, music & house guests! A  true ‘blast’ was had by me indeed. Thank you for checking in kiddies..more to come from yours truly, whoever you are <3

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